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Welcome to the website of the Massachusetts Avian Records Committee.

UPDATED 7 December 2017

State list additions: Common Greenshank.

State list removals: Thayer’s Gull, Monk Parakeet.

The state list stands at 501.

Review list additions: Tundra Swan, Ruff.

Outgoing members of 2017: Mark Faherty, Scott Surner.

Incoming members of 2017: David Sibley, Larry Therrien.


Common Greenshank news

On December 8, 2014, Stan Deutsch photographed an odd shorebird in Gloucester and uploaded the photo to his Flickr site. The photograph remained unidentified for 2.5 years until Tim Spahr and Brian Harris discovered the image, which most certainly showed Common Greenshank! Stan Deutsch confirms that he indeed took the photograph in Gloucester in December 2014. This a 1st state record for Massachusetts, one of very few in eastern North America!

Common Greenshank. Gloucester, MA. 8 December 2014. © Stan Deutsch

Common Greenshank. Gloucester, MA. 8 December 2014. © Stan Deutsch

UPDATED 1 May 2017

Explore the various new features of the site, including:

1) searchable database for all currently accepted records
2) online submission form
3) species account pages for all review list species (at minimum a list of all accepted records)
4) updated taxonomy according to the 57th supplement of the American Ornithologists’ Union

Please keep checking back as new content will be flowing. Comments and questions should be directed to the current secretary, Sean Williams.