2019 Meeting

Black-whiskered Vireo
Black-whiskered Vireo

Photo by Ken Magnuson

Photo by Ken Magnuson ||

The Massachusetts Avian Records Committee (MARC) met on 22 September at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. Since our previous report, we voted on 113 records, 97 of which were accepted. One species was added to the state list, which now stands at 504 species. The searchable database has been updated to include these accepted records. Full details on our actions will be available in the 23rd Annual Report in the December 2019 issue of Bird Observer. Major results from the meeting are highlighted below:

State list additions: Black-whiskered Vireo.

Review list additions: Cave Swallow.

Outgoing members of 2019: Tim Spahr. Tim Spahr retired as Chair and Jessica Johnson was voted as the new MARC Chair.

Incoming members of 2019: Maili Waters.

Sean Williams was reappointed as Secretary.