Wood Stork

7 records

MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
1918-001AWood Stork1Chilmark, Dukes Co.11/26/1811/26/18E. H. Forbush* (collected)24
1994-018AWood Stork1Rushy Marsh Pond, Cotuit, Barnstable Co.11/18/9412/11/94T. Gagnon, Curtis Marantz2
2003-012AWood Stork1Western Canal by the Tremont Gatehouse, Lowell, Middlesex Co.4/20/034/20/03J. Amaro8
2003-013AWood Stork4small farm pond on Hancock Road, Barre, Worcester Co.8/24/038/25/03S. Huntington, Buelow + Lynch (dtls)8
2009-059AWood Stork1Duxbury Yacht Club Golf Course, Duxbury, Plymouth Co.11/1/0911/1/09John Carnuccio* (ph)22
2019-079AWood Stork1Whitins Rd., Sutton, Worcester Co.11/3/1911/3/19Shirley Chauvin* (v)24
2019-080AWood Stork1Bridge Rd., Orleans, Barnstable Co.11/23/1911/23/19Kathy Alimanestianu* (ph)24
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