Wilson’s Plover

Wilson's Plover

Female Wilson’s Plover. Photo by L. McDowell on 19 May 2012. Martha’s Vineyard.

19 records

MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
1929-001AWilson's Plover1Truro, Barnstable Co.6/25/296/25/29collected by O. L. Austin Jr. (ph. Jeremiah Trimble)check MCZ database date, which is different?16
1987-007AWilson's Plover1North Monomoy Island, Chatham, Barnstable Co.5/31/875/31/87Steven Dinsmore*, Robert Humphrey*24
1996-004AWilson's Plover1North Monomoy Island, Chatham, Barnstable Co.5/4/965/4/96Blair Nikula2
2004-023AWilson's Plover1Crane Beach, Ipswich, Essex Co.6/14/046/14/04S. Maddock10
2005-010AWilson's Plover1southern tip of S. Monomoy, Chatham, Barnstable Co.6/8/056/8/05Ryan Merrill10
2005-014AWilson's Plover1Esther's Island Flats (Nantucket Sound side), Smith's Point, Nantucket, Nantucket Co.6/11/056/11/05E. Ray10
2005-018AWilson's Plover1S. Monomoy, Chatham, Barnstable Co.7/5/057/22/05Ryan Merrill10
2005-018BAWilson's Plover1South Beach, Chatham, Barnstable Co.7/11/057/22/05Jeremiah Trimble et al10
2010-012AWilson's Plover1North Cambridge St., Madeket, Nantucket, Nantucket Co.3/29/103/29/10Vernon Laux (ph)15
2010-014AWilson's Plover1South Beach, Chatham, Barnstable Co.6/11/106/11/10Brian Harris* (ph)15
2012-075AWilson's Plover1Southern beaches of Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co.5/18/125/19/12Luanne Johnson, Lanny McDowell (ph)17
2014-054AWilson's Plover1South Beach, Chatham, Barnstable Co.5/14/145/14/14ph. Keenan Yakola19
2014-055AWilson's Plover1Crane Beach, Ipswich, Essex Co.5/17/145/17/14ph. I. Pepper19
2014-056AWilson's Plover1Sandy Point, Ipswich, Essex Co.5/22/145/22/14ph. A. Spears19
2016-036NAWilson's Plover1Plum Island, Newburyport, Essex Co.9/11/169/11/16Emmalee Tarry* (ph)22
2018-023AWilson's Plover2Sandy Neck, Sandwich, Barnstable Co.5/13/185/13/18Nick Smith* (ph)22
2019-101AWilson's Plover1Parker River NWR, Plum Island, Essex Co.9/20/199/23/19Tom Murray* (ph)24
2020-036AWilson's Plover1Coast Guard Beach, Eastham, Barnstable Co.5/5/205/7/20Adele Sullivan*, Keegan Burke (ph)24
2020-039AWilson's Plover1Allens Pond WS, Beach Loop, Westport, Barnstable Co.6/4/206/5/20Allyson Lague* (ph)24
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