Couch’s Kingbird

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MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
2001-010ACouch's Kingbird1Parker River NWR--Hellcat Dike, Essex Co.9/7/019/7/01Rick Heil et al.6


Couch's Kingbird

A yellow-bellied kingbird found by Bennet Porter at Peterson’s Farm, Falmouth, Barnstable, October 30 to November 2, 2010, was exceptionally documented, well enough to age as a hatch-year bird, but ultimately not enough for the committee to get comfortable on an species-level identification; it was accepted as Tropical/Couch’s (†G. Hirth, †M.J. Iliff, ph. M. Keleher, ph. J. Offerman, ph. †B. Porter*, ph. R. Schain; 2010-45).

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