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Common Ringed Plover

MARC number#LocationCountyArrival dateDeparture dateObserversReport
1990-051North Monomoy IslandBarnstable9/5/909/5/90S. Perkins1
2010-291South Beach, ChathamBarnstable9/11/109/11/10B. Nikula* (ph)15
2013-0151Sandy Point State Reservation, Plum IslandEssex5/20/135/23/13† ph. Suzanne Sullivan*, au. ph. J. Trimble18
2017-0771Gooseberry NeckBristol9/11/179/12/17Marshall Iliff†* (ph), Jonathan Eckerson (ph), Sean Williams† (ph)22

Perhaps overlooked, this eBird map demonstrates the paucity of North American records. Indeed, the only other records for the lower 48 states are Ninigret Flats, Charlestown, Rhode Island, September 15–22, 1991 (Field Notes of Rhode Island Birds 1991); South Lubec Flats, Maine, August 26–September 5, 2003 (Ellison and Martin 2004); and Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens, New York, September 13, 2005 (New York State Avian Records Committee 2008).

Observers hoping to find and document one of these should focus on a suite of field marks, including: paler back and upperparts; more pale fringing in the breastband and crown; more slender bill; dark face always meeting at the gape (not above as on most, but not all, Semipalmateds); and lack of toe palmations between the innermost toes. Hearing, describing, and ideally recording the distinctive call is also key.