Willow Ptarmigan

Willow Ptarmigan

Peabody Museum in Salem

2 records

MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationCountyArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
1859-001AWillow Ptarmigan1ManchesterEssex5/10/18595/10/1859unknown13
2022-033AWillow Ptarmigan142.175398, -71.998809Worcester4/30/20224/30/2022Meaghan Keefe* (ph)26


The 1859 bird in winter plumage was collected in Manchester (renamed Manchester-by-the-Sea) and the specimen is at the Peabody Museum in Salem. Initially treated as an accidental release in the state, the committee decided, after two rounds of debate, that there was compelling evidence of a pattern of vagrancy.

A stunning second record occurred in 2022 in the town of Charlton. Also in winter plumage, this individual  was documented with cell phone video before it scurried off the side of the road!