Swallow-tailed Kite

22 records

MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
1974-003ASwallow-tailed Kite1Holbrook, Norfolk Co.4/9/744/9/74collected by S. Fordham (ph. Jeremiah Trimble)16
2005-062NASwallow-tailed Kite1East of Bourne Bridge, Bourne, Barnstable Co.4/16/054/16/05John Wells*†dupe23
2006-012ASwallow-tailed Kite1Uncle Tom's Bridge, Wellfleet (first) and then at Great Island, Wellfleet, Barnstable Co.5/20/065/20/06Eric Olsen, Dan Berard †11
2007-015ASwallow-tailed Kite1Neck Road, Rochester, Plymouth Co.5/11/076/9/07C. Wade12
2008-003ASwallow-tailed Kite1Edgartown, Dukes Co.3/10/083/10/08W. Marks, dead bird found 3/14, photographed by Lanny McDowell13
2009-017ASwallow-tailed Kite2Brewster, Barnstable Co.5/10/095/10/0914
2010-010ASwallow-tailed Kite1Mount Terrydiddle, Rehoboth, Bristol Co.4/29/104/29/10K. Bartel*15
2011-008ASwallow-tailed Kite1Brievogel Ponds, East Falmouth, Barnstable Co.5/29/115/31/11B. Porter*, Erik Nielsen (ph), Ian Davies (ph), R. Barstow (ph)16
2011-009ASwallow-tailed Kite1Evergreen Cemetery, Chatham (Schain) and Morton Rd./bike trail, Chatham (Bouchard), Barnstable Co.7/11/117/11/11Ryan Schain* (poor ph), F. Bouchard*16
2011-010ASwallow-tailed Kite1Oyster River, West Chatham, Barnstable Co.5/29/115/29/11J. Kaar*16
2012-074ASwallow-tailed Kite1Madaket, Nantucket, Nantucket Co.5/31/125/31/12Vernon Laux (ph)17
2014-036ASwallow-tailed Kite1River Court, Amesbury, Essex Co.3/22/143/22/14K. Elwell*†19
2015-035ASwallow-tailed Kite1Madaket area (Sanford Farm, Clark Cove, etc), Nantucket, Nantucket Co.7/1/157/3/15S. Fee*, ph. R. Stevenson*20
2015-036ASwallow-tailed Kite1 or 2Truro area (Pilgrim Heights to Prince Valley, Barnstable Co.4/18/154/18/15ph. P. Flood*, Blair Nikula*20
2017-008ASwallow-tailed Kite1Mashpee NWR, Barnstable Co.4/17/174/17/17Karen Fiske*21
2019-053ASwallow-tailed Kite1Gay Head, Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co.5/21/195/21/19Ted Gilliland* (ph)23
2020-030ASwallow-tailed Kite1Leland Farm, East Bridgewater, Plymouth Co.3/11/203/14/20Judd Carlisle* (ph)24
2021-015ASwallow-tailed Kite1100 Duck Pond Rd Ext, South Dennis, Barnstable Co.6/1/216/8/21Karen Fiske*25
2021-034ASwallow-tailed Kite1Neck Rd, Rochester, Plymouth Co.5/1/215/3/21Brian Vasa* (ph), Charlie Wade* (ph)25
2021-037ASwallow-tailed Kite1Nemasket Trail, Plympton, Plymouth Co.5/15/215/15/21Leslie G* (ph)25
2021-039ASwallow-tailed Kite1Waquoit Farms Drive, Falmouth, Barnstable Co.6/2/217/4/21Karen Fiske *, Keelin Miller*, Elizabeth Hill-Gest*, Scott Dresser* (ph)25
2021-041ASwallow-tailed Kite123 Widow Coombs Walk, Sandwich, Barnstable Co.6/6/216/6/21Jo-Anna Ghadban* (ph)25