Say’s Phoebe

Say's Phoebe

Parker River NWR, 5 Oct 2012. Photo by R. Schain.

16 records

MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
1994-021NASay's Phoebe1Newton Garden Plots, Novitate Park, near the Winchester Street Entrance, Newton, Middlesex Co.12/25/9412/25/942
1996-003ASay's Phoebe1Parker River NWR--Maintenance Area, Plum Island, Essex Co.5/22/965/22/96L. Nachtrab3
2002-014ASay's Phoebe1Arcadia Sanctuary, Pynchon Meadow Road, Northampton, Hampshire Co.9/18/029/18/02C. Gentes et al.7
2002-042ASay's Phoebe1Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield, Berkshire Co.11/6/0211/6/02R. Ferren8
2003-018ASay's Phoebe1Huckins Farm horse pasture area, Dudley Road at Pickman Drive, Bedford, Middlesex Co.5/18/035/18/03D. Ranney, Gardner + Strauss dtls8
2009-032ASay's Phoebe1Keith Farm, Chilmark, Dukes Co.9/13/099/14/09Alan Keith*, Lanny McDowell (ph.)14
2010-038ASay's Phoebe1Gay Head Cliffs, Aquinnah, Dukes Co.10/30/1010/30/10Lanny McDowell* (ph)15
2012-123ASay's Phoebe1Parker River NWR--Wardens, Essex Co.10/4/1210/5/12Eric Labato*, Marshall Iliff (ph)17
2013-062ASay's Phoebe1Shaws Cove Road, Fairhaven, Bristol Co.12/4/1312/4/13Carolyn Longworth*†(ph), Dan Logan* (ph)24
2015-045ASay's Phoebe1Tee Tyme, old golf range, Eastham, Barnstable Co.10/10/1510/10/15ph. B. Lagasse*, M. Malin*, Keenan Yakola*20
2015-046ASay's Phoebe1Esther Island, Nantucket, Nantucket Co.9/7/159/7/15ph. L. Dunn*20
2015-047ASay's Phoebe1Keith Farm, Chilmark, Dukes Co.9/8/159/8/15ph. K. Magnuson*20
2017-108ASay's Phoebe1Wellfleet, Barnstable Co.8/31/178/31/17Suzanne Sullivan* (ph)22
2018-061ASay's Phoebe1Cuttyhunk Island, Dukes Co.9/30/189/30/18Mike Sylvia* (ph)23
2018-067ASay's Phoebe1Carter and Stevens Farm, Barre, Worcester Co.10/12/1810/13/18Allison O'Hare*, Bette Robo (ph)23
2020-095ASay's Phoebe1Aquinnah Circle, Aquinnah, Dukes Co.10/3/2010/4/20Bob Shriber* (ph) , Maurice Gilmore*25