Ross’s Goose

Ross's Goose

Photo by Jeremiah Trimble.

39 records

MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
1996-022NARoss's Goose1Cedar Grove Cemetery, South Peabody, Essex Co.10/5/9610/5/963
1997-016ARoss's Goose1Connecticut River, Sunderland/Hatfield, Franklin Co.3/25/973/26/97Paul Champlin, Mark Lynch3
2001-009ARoss's Goose1Keith Farm, Chilmark, Dukes Co.10/14/0110/22/01T. Rivers, Jeremiah Trimble (dtls)6
2004-024ARoss's Goose1Turner's Falls power canal and Barton's Cove, Gill, Franklin Co.10/21/0410/23/04M. Fairbrother, M. Taylor et al.10
2009-004ARoss's Goose8Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary and West Meadows, Hampshire Co.3/16/093/18/0914
2009-005ARoss's Goose2Kimball Farm, Haverill to Rocks Village Bridge, West Newbury, Essex Co.3/19/093/28/0914
2009-006ARoss's Goose7Ipswich/Plum Island, Essex Co.3/15/093/23/0914
2009-007ARoss's Goose1Parker River NWR, Essex Co.3/22/093/30/0914
2010-044ARoss's Goose1Bartlett Farm, Nantucket, Nantucket Co.12/11/102/13/11Jeremiah Trimble* (ph), Jeff Offermann (ph)16
2012-088ARoss's Goose1Various fields (incl. Ward's) and Lake Massapoag, Sharon, Norfolk Co.10/26/1212/23/12T. Harmon*; ph. Jeff Offermann; V. Zollo19
2013-051ARoss's Goose1Argilla Road, Ipswich, Essex Co.12/25/131/1/14ph. M. Brengle, P. Brown*19
2014-047ARoss's Goose1Barton Cove and Turner's Falls, Gill, Franklin Co.12/20/1412/26/14ph. C. Hyytinen, B. Zadja*19
2014-048ARoss's Goose1Madaket, Nantucket, Nantucket Co.4/4/144/4/14ph. T. Pastuszak19
2015-012ARoss's Goose1UMASS Amherst Campus Pond and area, Hampshire Co.4/1/154/2/15ph. Jacob Drucker19
2015-018ARoss's Goose1Parker River NWR, Essex Co.11/13/1511/14/15ph. P. Wood*20
2016-025ARoss's Goose1Parker River NWR to Ipswich fields, Essex Co.12/28/161/7/17Tom Whetmore, Suzanne Sulilvan (ph)21
2017-019ARoss's Goose1Sudbury Reservoir, Sudbury, Worcester Co.3/12/173/13/17Mark Lynch and Sheila Carroll*, Justin Lawson (ph)21
2017-020ARoss's Goose1Little Chauncy Pond, Westborough, Worcester Co.3/28/173/30/17Bette Robo* (ph)21
2017-031ARoss's Goose1Longmeadow Flats, Longmeadow/Agawam, Hampden Co.1/18/171/18/17Dorrie Holmes* (ph)21
2017-033ARoss's Goose1Bear Creek Sanctuary, Saugus, Essex Co.1/14/172/1/17Geoff Wilson* (ph)21
2017-034ARoss's Goose1Arcade Pond, Whitinsville, Worcester Co.2/23/172/24/17Edward Kittridge*, Sean Williams (ph)21
2017-035ARoss's Goose1Arlington Reservoir, Arlington, and Waltham St. Fields, Waltham, Middlesex Co.3/3/173/8/17John Andrews* (ph), Chris Floyd (ph)21
2017-036ARoss's Goose1Corbin's Neck, Ashley Falls, Berkshire Co.4/20/174/20/17Greg Ward* (ph)21
2017-134ARoss's Goose1Moores End Farm (restricted access); last sighting at Bartlett Fields, Nantucket Co.12/8/173/17/18Richard Ouren*; Jeremiah Trimble (ph)22
2017-136ARoss's Goose1Farm Institute (mostly); Edgartown Golf Club, Dukes Co.12/11/171/13/18Ken Magnuson (no eBird checklist); Marshall Iliff (ph)22
2017-137ARoss's Goose1Carson Beach & Moakley Park; Fenway area; etc., Suffolk Co.12/24/171/29/17Anne Winters*; Jason Pietrzak* (ph)22
2017-138ARoss's Goose2Siasconset Golf Course, Nantucket Co.12/30/171/13/18Frank Gallo* (ph)22
2018-009ARoss's Goose1Upper Rd., Deerfield, Franklin Co.3/30/183/30/18Robert Drumgool* (ph)22
2018-011ARoss's Goose1Agawam (MA state line); Longmeadow Flats, Hampden Co.2/1/182/11/18Dorrie Holmes†* (ph)22
2018-012ARoss's Goose1East Hadley Road Fields; Meadow St. fieldsd, Hampshire Co.2/23/182/26/18Larry Therrien* (ph)22
2018-047ARoss's Goose1Children's Island, Marblehead, Essex Co.9/22/189/22/18Susan Hedman* (ph)23
2018-048NARoss's Goose1Bartholomew's Cobble, Sheffield, Berkshire Co.10/13/1810/13/18Jonathan Pierce* (ph), Greg Ward* (ph)23
2018-049ARoss's Goose1Mill Pond, South Egremont, Berkshire Co.12/22/1812/22/18Jonathan Pierce* (ph)23
2019-002ARoss's Goose1Tedesco Country Club, Swampscott, and Forest River, Marblehead/Salem, Essex Co.1/12/191/13/19Constance Lapite* (ph), Rick Cuzner* (ph)23
2019-004ARoss's Goose1Plum Island, Newburyport, Essex Co.2/10/192/10/19Sebastian Jones* (ph), Ted Bradford* (ph)23
2019-005ARoss's Goose1Lower Mill Pond, Easthampton and East Meadows, Northampton, Hampshire Co.3/14/193/16/19Scott Rasmussen* (ph) and Sean Williams* (ph)23
2019-085ARoss's Goose1New Seabury Country Club, Mashpee, Barnstable Co.11/8/1911/15/19Mary Keleher* (ph)24
2020-011ARoss's Goose1Common Pastures, Newbury, Essex Co.3/13/203/14/20Margo Goetschkes* (ph), Steve Grinley*24
2020-067ARoss's Goose1Crooked Lane and Lebaron Hills Country Club, Lakeville, & Highstone Street, Taunton &, Gifford Rd and Pine Hill Rd, Westport, Plymouth/Bristol Co.12/1/201/10/21Jim Sweeney* (ph), Nathaniel Brown*, Carol Molander (ph)25
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