Northern Lapwing

8 records

MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
1996-025ANorthern Lapwing1Keith Farm, Chilmark, Dukes Co.12/26/9612/30/96Alan Keith*3
2010-061ANorthern Lapwing1Plum Island--Pines Trail, Essex Co.12/2/1012/2/10J. Hully* (ph)16
2012-100ANorthern Lapwing1First Encounter Beach, Eastham, Barnstable Co.10/30/1210/30/12Mark Faherty*†, ph. Jeremiah Trimble18
2012-152ANorthern Lapwingup to 3Nantucket (Hummock Pond and Bartlett's Farm), Nantucket Co.10/30/124/1/13ph. Vernon Laux, T. Pastuszak*, J. Shuster*19
2012-153ANorthern Lapwing1Bridgewater State Farm, Plymouth Co.11/12/121/1/13ph. Marshall Iliff, K. Ryan*19
2012-154ANorthern Lapwing1Cumberland Farms - Fuller Street Fields, Plymouth Co.11/11/1211/13/12J. Carlisle*, ph. Ian Davies19
2013-058ANorthern Lapwing1Bolton Flats, Worcester Co.4/27/134/29/13Steve Arena*†, ph. J. Johnson19
2019-127ANorthern Lapwing1Shaws Cove Road, Fairhaven, Bristol Co.11/28/1911/28/19Carolyn Longworth* (ph)24
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