Brown Booby

33 records

MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
2005-058ABrown Booby1Hull, Plymouth Co.summer 2005summer 200512
2008-040NABrown Booby1Manomet Point, Plymouth Co.9/7/089/7/0814
2011-034ABrown Booby1Corporation Beach, Dennis, Barnstable Co.8/16/118/24/11Al Curtis (ph), R. Barstow (ph), M. Keleher (ph), Steve Arena (ph)16
2011-035ABrown Booby1Herring Cove and MacMillan Wharf, Provincetown, Barnstable Co.8/29/1112/11/2011; but still present?Blair Nikula*, Jeremiah Trimble* (ph), Luke Seitz*, D. Ely (ph), Marshall Iliff (ph), Matt Garvey (ph), B. Thompson (ph), Thomas Dorazio (ph)16
2012-131ABrown Booby1off Martha's Vineyard (initially 40.3805° N, 70.7995° W), Dukes Co.7/26/127/28/12M. Schrimpf* (ph)17
2013-063ABrown Booby1Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown, Barnstable Co.9/17/1310/13/13Blair Nikula* (ph)24
2013-064ABrown Booby1Stellwagen Bank, Scituate, Plymouth Co.7/7/137/8/13Anonymous24
2014-079ABrown Booby1Great Point, Nantucket, Nantucket Co.5/4/145/4/14Anonymous* (ph)24
2015-063ABrown Booby1Herring Cove Beach to Marconi Station (should this be voted on as one bird?), Barnstable Co.6/14/1511/15/15Joseph Bourget*; P. Flood (ph); Scott Landry (ph); Stephen Brenner (ph)22
2015-079ABrown Booby1Kalmus Park Beach, Barnstable, Barnstable Co.8/25/158/25/15Joe Huckemeyer*, Peter Trimble (ph)24
2015-080ABrown Booby1Corporation Beach, Dennis, Barnstable Co.11/11/1511/11/15Blair Nikula*24
2017-013ABrown Booby1Ludlow, MA, Hampden Co.6/??/20176/??/2017Jean Yobst-Fournier* (ph)21
2017-109ABrown Booby1Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown, Barnstable Co.7/14/177/14/17Blair Nikula* (ph.)22
2017-110ABrown Booby1Wood End Lighthouse, Provincetown, Barnstable Co.7/19/177/19/17Esther Brady* (ph)22
2018-053ABrown Booby139.852,-67.908, Nantucket Co.7/30/187/30/18Skye Haas* (ph)23
2018-054ABrown Booby1Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co.8/6/188/9/18Laurie Lee* (ph)23
2018-055ABrown Booby139.852,-67.908, Nantucket Co.8/14/188/14/18Skye Haas* (ph)23
2018-056ABrown Booby1Onota Lake, Pittsfield, Berkshire Co.8/17/188/20/18Rene Wendell* (ph)23
2018-059ABrown Booby1Andrew's Point, Rockport, Essex Co.9/2/189/2/18Rick Heil* (ph)23
2019-030ABrown Booby1Pelagic waters- 40.00651167, -70.8296933, Nantucket Co.7/9/197/9/19Allison Black* (ph)23
2019-031ABrown Booby1Pelagic waters- 39.58307167, -70.56025167, Nantucket Co.7/10/197/10/19Allison Black* (ph)23
2019-032ABrown Booby1Pelagic waters- 39.80960833, -70.482395, Nantucket Co.7/10/197/10/19Allison Black* (ph)23
2019-078ABrown Booby1Gooseberry Neck, Westport, Bristol Co.10/28/1910/28/19Marshall Iliff* (ph)24
2019-087ABrown Booby1Race Point, Provincetown, Barnstable Co.10/16/1910/16/19Blair Nikula*24
2019-093ABrown Booby1Pelagic waters at 40.353633, -69.145624, Nantucket Co.9/3/199/3/19Paul Lehman*, Barbara Carlson, Gerrit Bril (ph)24
2019-096ABrown Booby1Pelagic waters at 41.296553, -69.785156, Nantucket Co.9/9/199/9/19Andrew Gilbert* (ph)24
2019-102ABrown Booby1Pelagic waters at 40.063668, -68.867813, Nantucket Co.9/21/199/21/19BBC Extreme Pelagic* (ph)24
2019-106ABrown Booby1First Encounter Beach, Eastham, Barnstable Co.10/12/1910/12/19Timothy Spahr (ph), Jeff Offermann*, Peter Trimble24
2019-118ABrown Booby1Jetties Beach, Brant Point, Nantucket, Nantucket Co.11/15/1911/15/19Blair Perkins*, Trish Pastuszak (ph)24
2020-047ABrown Booby1Stony Beach, Woods Hole, Falmouth, Barnstable Co.8/5/208/5/20Nathaniel Marchessault* (ph)25
2020-048ABrown Booby1First Encounter Beach, Eastham, Barnstable Co.8/17/208/17/20Sean Williams* (ph)25
2020-076ABrown Booby140.6867337,-70.4547011, about 46 mi S Wasque Pt., Martha's Vineyard, Dukes Co.7/31/208/15/20Laurie Dugan* (ph)25
2020-077ABrown Booby1Race Point, Provincetown, Barnstable Co.8/17/208/17/20Blair Nikula* (ph)25