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White-faced Ibis

MARC number#LocationCountyArrival dateDeparture dateObserversReport
1984-021flooded farm field on west side of Route 133, Essex (just SE of intersection with Island Road)Essex4/24/844/24/84R. Forster1
1990-021Topsfield FairgroundsEssex6/24/906/24/90S. Perkins1
1990-031Quinapoxet Reservoir, HoldenWorcester7/25/907/27/90B. Blodget1
2003-111Rowley Salt Pannes (Rt. 1a)Essex7/8/037/15/03R. Heil8
2005-121Parker River NWREssex4/25/054/28/05D. Noble et al., Berry, Wetmore (dtls)10
2005-131Newbury, Essex, Ipswich, RowleyEssex5/8/055/28/0510
2009-501Kettle IslandEssex5/19/095/19/09J. Berry*, S. Perkins* (ph)15
2009-521Buttonwood Stables Farm, IpswichEssex4/7/094/7/09R. Heil* (ph)15
2010-242Pikul’s Farm, Rowley/IpswichEssex5/10/105/10/10P. Brown (ph)15
2010-251Parker River NWR, Plum IslandEssex6/6/106/6/10R. Heil* (ph)15
2010-261Squantum salt pannesNorfolk7/11/107/11/10V. Zollo* (ph)15
2011-0291Parker River NWREssex4/22/114/26/11M. Blust (v), R. Schain (ph)16
2011-0301Argilla Rd. horse farm, IpswichEssex5/8/115/16/11M. Iliff* (ph)16
2012-0612Kettle Island, ManchesterEssex5/19/125/27/12R, Schain (ph), J. Trimble (ph), et al.17
2015-0301Kettle Island, ManchesterEssex5/22/155/22/15S. Perkins*, ph. R. Schain20
2015-0311Clark Pond, ManchesterEssex5/15/155/15/15ph. D. Brewster*20
2015-0321Rt. 1a Salt Pannes, RowleyEssex5/16/155/18/15ph. M. McCarthy20
2015-0331Chebacco Woods, South HamiltonEssex4/23/154/23/15ph. D. Walters*20
2015-034up to 3Argilla-Northgate-Essex Rd. Fields Complex, IpswichEssex4/6/154/15/15ph. G. Power*20
2016-009up to 3Hamlin Reservation, Ipswich, Essex CountyEssex4/24/164/30/16ph. M. Goetschkes*, S. Grinley*20
2016-0101Rt. 1a Salt Pannes, RowleyEssex5/1/165/8/16ph. D. Prima, P. Vale*20
2016-0111Park River NWR – Salt PannesEssex6/20/166/27/16T. Bradford*, ph. J. Nathan20
2017-0401Lane’s Farm, RockportEssex5/13/175/13/17Sean Williams* (ph), Jacob Socolar*21