Townsend’s Solitaire

Townsend's Solitaire

Chatham, 28 Oct 2011. Photo by R. Schain.

29 records

MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
1993-009ATownsend's Solitaire1World's End, Hingham, Plymouth Co.11/13/931/1/94D. Cooper1
1996-016NATownsend's Solitaire1Kenoza Lake, Haverhill, Essex Co.2/10/962/10/963
1996-019ATownsend's Solitaire1Mill Pond, Barnstable, Barnstable Co.12/29/963/16/97Vernon Laux, Roger Everett2
1997-018ATownsend's Solitaire1Corn Hill, Truro, Barnstable Co.11/2/9711/2/97John Hoye, A. McCarthy3
2002-004ATownsend's Solitaire1backyard near intersection of Apple Street and Southern Avenue, Essex, Essex Co.2/4/022/10/02J. Behnke, P. Brown (ph)7
2004-016ATownsend's Solitaire1bike path near Salt Pond Visitor Center, Eastham, Barnstable Co.11/27/0411/27/04John Hoye, A. McCarthy10
2004-034ATownsend's Solitaire1Essex County Greenbelt property off High Street, Lanesville, Gloucester, Essex Co.12/19/0412/19/04S. Hedman, B. Volkle10
2005-050ATownsend's Solitaire1High Head, North Truro, Barnstable Co.11/5/0512/18/05Blair Nikula (ph), Peter Trull et al.11
2005-051ATownsend's Solitaire1Barnstable, Barnstable Co.12/27/0512/27/05M. Keleher et al.11
2007-028ATownsend's Solitaire1Aquinnah, Dukes Co.10/24/0710/24/0713
2007-047ATownsend's Solitaire1Rockport Country Club, Essex Co.12/24/072/23/08M. Duffy, J. Berry, Marshall Iliff †, many photos13
2010-007ATownsend's Solitaire1King's Way, Yarmouthport, Barnstable Co.1/12/102/4/10P. Bono* (ph)15
2010-043ATownsend's Solitaire1Chapel/Carter St. intersection, Gardner, Worcester Co.12/23/1012/24/10T. Pirro*, Mark Lynch (ph)16
2011-068ATownsend's Solitaire1Jackson Point, Nantucket, Nantucket Co.10/21/1110/22/11Peter Trimble* (ph), Vernon Laux (ph)18
2011-069ATownsend's Solitaire1Morris Island Causeway, Chatham, Barnstable Co.10/25/1110/28/11Ryan Schain (ph), Peter Trimble (ph)17
2012-122ATownsend's Solitaire1Morris Island Causeway, Chatham, Barnstable Co.10/5/1210/5/12James Junda* (ph)17
2012-147ATownsend's Solitaire1Old Dewline Rd., Truro, Barnstable Co.10/20/1210/21/12P. Brown* (from NH), ph. John Hoye, ph. Robert Stymeist18
2014-014ATownsend's Solitaire1Halibut Pt., Rockport, Essex Co.11/4/1411/4/14v. R. Diebboll, †Hector Galbraith19
2014-042ATownsend's Solitaire1Evergreen Cemetery, Marion, Plymouth Co.11/29/141/14/15ph. Vin Zollo19
2015-048ATownsend's Solitaire1Corn Hill, Truro, Barnstable Co.12/22/151/14/16ph. B. Lagasse, M. Malin*20
2015-049ATownsend's Solitaire1Halibut Point, Rockport, Essex Co.11/12/1511/22/15ph. T. Bradford*20
2016-047ATownsend's Solitaire1Plum Island, Essex Co.10/18/1610/18/16Robert Murphy* (ph)22
2017-132ATownsend's Solitaire1Demarest Lloyd State Park, Dartmouth, Bristol Co.11/12/174/23/18Glenn d'Entremont*; M. Kieron (ph.)22
2018-064ATownsend's Solitaire1Monomoy NWR, Chatham, Barnstable Co.10/1/1810/1/18Valerie Bourdeau* (ph)23
2018-068ATownsend's Solitaire1Duck Harbor Road, Wellfleet, Barnstable Co.10/18/1810/18/18Greg Ward* (ph)23
2019-114ATownsend's Solitaire1Blue Heron Way, Nantucket, Nantucket Co.11/10/1911/11/19Peter Trimble*, Harvey Young*, Jeremiah Trimble* (ph), Trish Pastuszak* (ph)24
2019-145ATownsend's Solitaire1Halibut Point SP, Rockport, Essex Co.11/10/193/2/20Flavio Sutti*, Andy Sanford (ph)24
2021-020ATownsend's Solitaire1Mill Pond, Orleans, Barnstable Co.1/7/211/7/21Mike O'Connor* (ph)25
2021-033ATownsend's Solitaire1Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Middlesex Co.4/19/214/19/21Robert Parker*, Clara Easter* (ph)25
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