MacGillivray’s Warbler

MacGillivray's Warbler

Photo by Jeremiah Trimble.

17 records

MARC numberDecisionSpecies#LocationArrivalDepartureObserversNotesReport
1977-004AMacGillivray's Warbler1Dunback Meadows, Lexington, Middlesex Co.11/13/7711/30/77Bob Stymeist*, Philip Martin*, Simon Perkins (ph)24
1997-017NAMacGillivray's Warbler1Moody Bridge and Bay Rd intersection, Hadley, Hampshire Co.9/19/979/19/974
1998-010AMacGillivray's Warbler1"Lime Fields" just north of Cedar Grove Cemetery, Essex Co.10/5/9810/5/984
1998-021AMacGillivray's Warbler1Boston Nature Center, Mattapan, Suffolk Co.12/13/9812/13/984
1999-019AMacGillivray's Warbler1Fenway Victory Gardens, Boston, Suffolk Co.11/28/9912/19/99Robert Stymeist, D. Crockett (ph)5
2003-027AMacGillivray's Warbler1736 Salem Street, Bradford [private home], Essex Co.11/1/0311/3/038
2003-034AMacGillivray's Warbler1east side of Cockeast Pond, Westport, Bristol Co.11/27/0311/27/039
2005-047AMacGillivray's Warbler1Ipswich, Essex Co.11/1/0511/1/05Rick Heil11
2007-025AMacGillivray's Warbler1Wing Island, Brewster, Barnstable Co.10/22/0710/22/07Sue Finnegan13
2008-024NAMacGillivray's Warbler1Dunback Meadows, Lexington, Middlesex Co.9/6/089/6/0814
2009-060AMacGillivray's Warbler1Fenway Victory Gardens, Boston, Suffolk Co.11/17/0912/16/09Paul Peterson*, Jeremiah Trimble (ph), Margo Goetschkes (ph), Ryan Schain (ph)23
2012-125AMacGillivray's Warbler1Fenway Victory Gardens, Boston, Suffolk Co.12/13/1212/23/12T. Factor*, ph. Jeremiah Trimble19
2013-046AMacGillivray's Warbler1Crooked Lane Fields, Lakeville, Plymouth Co.12/29/1312/31/13ph. Mark Faherty*19
2017-068AMacGillivray's Warbler1Dunback Meadows, Lexington, Middlesex Co.9/17/179/17/17Marj. Rines*22
2017-069AMacGillivray's Warbler1Nauset Heights Rd., Orleans, Barnstable Co.9/18/179/18/17Maili Waters†*, Sean Williams†* (ph)22
2017-070AMacGillivray's Warbler1Honey Pot, Hadley, Hampshire Co.11/12/1711/17/17Ted Gilliland* (ph)22
2020-013AMacGillivray's Warbler1Manomet, Inc., Manomet, Plymouth Co.4/29/204/29/20Evan Dalton* (au), Alan Kneidel (ph), Trevor Llyod-Evans, Lisa Schibley (au), Sean Williams (ph, au)24


Rather surprisingly, this western oporornis warbler has been recorded at least eighteen times in Massachusetts, with all records being from early autumn to winter. With at least 3 records, the Boston area is clearly one of the best places along the east coast to look for this bird. With only another dozen or so records in the remainder of the northeast, it remains rather unclear why Massachusetts birders can enjoy fairly regular sightings of this western stray.

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