Hammond’s Flycatcher

7 records

MARC numberSpecies#LocationCountyArrivalDepartureObserversReport
1987-06Hammond's Flycatcher1Service Dr., WellesleyMiddlesex12/19/198712/29/1987Kenneth Winkler*22
2003-25Hammond's Flycatcher1Tuckernuck IslandNantucket11/1/200311/1/2003R. R. Veit8
2016-003Hammond's Flycatcher1Egypt Lane, FairhavenBristol1/1/20161/2/2016v. M. Garvey, ph. au. M. Iliff, ph. J. Trimble, ph. D. Zimerlan*20
2016-044Hammond's Flycatcher1The Fells, MedfordMiddlesex11/7/201611/13/2016Renee LaFontaine*22
2017-075Hammond's Flycatcher1Hanscom Farm, ConcordMiddlesex11/11/201711/11/2017Jason Forbes†* (ph)22
2017-076Hammond's Flycatcher1Tufts University, MedfordMiddlesex11/29/201712/3/2017Nick Dorian†* (ph)22
2020-001Hammond's Flycatcher1Presbury-Norton Preserve, West TisburyDukes1/8/20201/8/2020Antone Lima* (ph)24


Hammond’s Flycatcher (Empidonax hammondii) discovered by Dan Zimberlin at Egypt Lane Ponds in Fairhaven, Bristol on 1 January 2016. This represented the first Bristol county record and only the third record for the state (ph. J. Trimble on 2 January 2016)

The fourth record of Hammond’s Flycatcher (Empidonax hammondii) (*pending MARC review), seen here, was discovered at Middlesex Fells, Medford, Middlesex County on 7 November 2016 by Renee LaFontaine.

Hammond’s Flycatcher has occurred in Massachusetts on three occasions including a bird that is currently being seen in Medford, a first record for Middlesex County. This species very irregularly strays into the northeastern United States and has been recorded as far north and east as southern Nova Scotia. There are also records for Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York.

Records without review:

1. December 19-29, 1988, Wellesley, Norfolk
2. November 7-present 2016, Medford, Middlesex