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Gray Kingbird

MARC number#LocationCountyArrival dateDeparture dateObserversReport
2006-231Gay Head, AquinnahDukes09/07/0609/08/06P. Gilmore, L. McDowell (ph)11

Gray Kingbird has occurred in Massachusetts on five occasions including a bird that is currently being seen in Hyannis on Cape Cod, a first for Barnstable County. This species very irregularly strays into the northeastern United States and has been recorded as far north as the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula.

Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus dominicensis) discovered by Carol Wrisley at Ocean Avenue Beach in Hyannisport, Barnstable on 23 October 2016. This would represent the first Barnstable county record (pending MARC review). (ph. J. Trimble on 24 October 2016)

The fourth record of Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus dominicensis), seen here, was discovered at Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard on 7 September 2006 and photographed the following day by M. Pelikan.

Records without action:

1. October 23, 1869, Lynn, Essex
2. November 22, 1931, West Newbury, Esssex
3. September 9, 1988, Squibnocket, Martha’s Vinyeard, Dukes
4. October 23, 2016 – Ocean Avenue Beach, Hyannis, Barnstable