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Black-tailed Godwit

MARC number#LocationCountyArrival dateDeparture dateObserversReport
1993-051Monomoy NWR – North Monomoy IslandBarnstable06/23/9307/07/93B. Nikula1
1994-041Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, WellfleetBarnstable05/19/9406/01/94J. Sones2
2006-171Plum Island–salt pannesEssex07/17/0607/29/06P. Brown (ph)11
2007-111South Beach Island, ChathamBarnstable07/24/0707/24/07J. Offerman12

Black-tailed can be separated from other godwits by the white wing linings and bold black-and-white tail pattern. The white wing stripe is brighter than other godwits as well.

Great photos of the Plum Island Black-tailed Godwit by P. Brown (23 and 17 Jul 2006).