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Barolo Shearwater

3 records

MARC numberSpecies#LocationCountyArrival dateDeparture dateObserversReport
2007-58Barolo Shearwater118 miles north of Veatch CanyonNantucket8/25/20078/25/2007ph. J. Forbes, ph. M. Iliff, ph. B. Nikula, ph. C. Pedro, ph. S. Spangenberg, ph. S. Surner, ph. J. Trimble15
2011-033Barolo Shearwater1ca. 160 mi ESE Nantucket MANantucket7/29/20117/29/2011M. Force*16
2012-155Barolo Shearwater1Pelagic waters at 40.425000, -68.240000Nantucket8/26/20128/26/2012BBC Extreme Pelagic* (ph)24