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Barnacle Goose

MARC number#LocationCountyArrival dateDeparture dateObserversReport
1885-011North EasthamBarnstable11/1/188511/1/1885
2002-011Lynnfield Marsh/WakefieldMiddlesex2/17/022/19/02F. Vale, M. Rines7
2003-031Model Airplane Fields, West BridgewaterPlymouth3/22/033/22/03J. Sweeney8
2003-041Tri-town Beech Pond, at end of Old State Road, WhatelyFranklin4/13/034/14/03S. Smolen-Morton8
2004-051Cherry Hill Reservoir, West NewburyEssex4/15/044/24/04T. Wetmore, D. Larson (ph)10
2007-201Great Meadows MWR–Concord UnitMiddlesex10/11/0710/23/07W. Hutcheson et al.13
2007-411Wards Fields, SharonNorfolk12/31/071/12/08G. Leganza13
2008-101N. AmherstHampshire3/22/083/22/08D. Peake-Jones, B. Zajda, S. Surner (photos)13
2008-361Orlando’s Ponds, Brookfield Road, CharltonWorcester12/3/0812/13/0814
2010-081Mill Pond, South EgremontBerkshire2/12/103/16/10ph. S. Carroll*, M. Lynch*15
2010-371Concord Rotary, Concord and School St., ActonMiddlesex10/20/1012/17/10D. Sibley*, ph. K. Klasman, ph. D. Mitev, ph. E. Nielsen, ph. Pete Wrublewski15
2011-0501Upper Artichoke Reservoir, West NewburyEssex11/6/111/3/12P. Brown* (ph), m. ob17
2014-0492Maple Farm Sanctuary, Mendon; later Nine Acre CornerWorcester3/1/143/31/14ph. I. Davies, Cheri Ezell*19
2015-0042West Rd. Sandbar, LongmeadowHampden1/2/151/16/15ph. S. Motyl19
2015-0133River Road, AgawamHampden12/26/1512/26/15ph. S. Motyl*20