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Ash-throated Flycatcher

MARC number#LocationCountyArrival dateDeparture dateObserversReport
1993-171Meadowbrook Park and Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, ArlingtonMiddlesex11/7/9311/13/93L. Taylor1
1998-231Locust Lane, BarnstableBarnstable12/20/9812/26/98R. Pease, B. Nikula, J. Trimble4
2001-071BelmontMiddlesex8/30/018/30/01M. Rines6
2001-17A1Rowley Shore, GloucesterEssex11/15/0111/15/01J. Paluzzi et al.7
2001-17B118 Revere Street, GloucesterEssex12/16/0112/22/01R. Lockwood et al.7
2003-291Fells Reservoir, off Woodland Road, in Stoneham section of MIddlesex Fells, StonehamMiddlesex11/7/0311/16/03D. Jewell, M. Rines (dtls)9
2004-301Halibut Point State Park, RockportEssex11/26/0412/19/04T. Burke et al.10
2005-221World’s End, HinghamPlymouth5/20/055/20/05G. d’Entremont, D. Brown10
2005-371Parker River NWREssex11/6/0511/14/05C. Marantz*, P. Brown (ph)11
2006-571Leonard St., AnnisquamEssex12/9/0612/19/06F. Bouchard, J. Barber (ph)12
2007-52133 Acton St., CarlisleMiddlesex11/8/0711/28/07Schaeffer, M. Iliff (details), many photos13
2011-0271Winthrop Greenway, WinthropSuffolk10/11/1110/12/11P. Peterson*, R. Schain (ph), M. Garvey (v)16
2011-0751Cuttyhunk IslandDukes10/16/1110/16/11M. Sylvia* (ph)18
2011-0761Salisbury Beach State Park, SalisburyEssex10/28/1111/4/11J. Fenton (ph), m. ob.18
2011-0771Fort Hill, EasthamBarnstable11/11/1112/30/11J. Trimble (ph) et al.17
2011-0781King Farm, South DartmouthBristol11/28/111/2/12Alice Morgan, Geoff Dennis18
2012-0921Salisbury Beach State Park, SalisburyEssex12/16/1212/22/12*B. Volkle, M. Goetchkes (ph)17
2012-1461Squaw Rock Park, SquantumNorfolk11/3/1211/5/12M. McWade*, ph. L. Waters, ph. R. Doherty, ph. M. Iliff, ph. V. Zollo, m. ob.18
2015-0441Squam Farm, NantucketNantucket11/25/1511/28/15ph. G. Andrews*20
2015-0572Ware Field/Lane’s Farm, RockportEssex12/4/1512/26/15ph. S. Williams*20
2015-0581Manomet Center for Conservation Biology, ManometPlymouth12/10/151/4/16ph. B. Harrington20
2015-0591Danehy Park, CambridgeSuffolk12/28/151/6/16ph. J. Forbes20

Ash-throated Flycatchers are annual fall vagrants/migrants along the east coast. Massachusetts has over two dozen records, nearly all in the October to December timeframe. The Committee also has several records of multiple birds (!) from the big 2011 irruption. There is the possibility that at least 3 separate Ash-throated Flycatchers spent time on Plum Island during October of 2011.

Separating Ash-throated from other Myiarchus (Great Crested, Dusky-capped, Brown-crested, La Sagra’s and Nutting’s Flycatchers) can present a difficult identification challenge.